Niche Uses for Dehumidifiers

by Vivien Mah    

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There are many different options that come into play when you're choosing a dehumidifier for yourself, and for your home. That's why we have this handy guide ready for you to narrow down your options when making your choice. This particular guide however, will explain to you the niche uses of dehumidifiers, and how they can be an added benefit for your home.


1. Odour Reduction

As we all know, dehumidifiers remove moisture in the air but sucking in the old musty air, and replacing it with fresh air, but did you know that dehumidifiers also reduce odour levels? They essentially help to reduce odours that generally  accompany mould and mildew in your home- essentially eliminating that odd, musky damp smell


2. Venting Your Bathroom After a Hot Shower

 During the winter, we're all fond of having nice steaming hot showers to offset the bitter cold outside. What most of us are not fond of is the humidity left inside the bathroom after we've finished showering and left the toilet.

An easy way to get rid of this excess moisture is to grab your dehumidifier, set up a timer, and leave it running in your toilet for a short while. Then, when you come home, your bathroom is all dried out, but sadly, back to the cold room temperature as the rest of your house.  


3. Drying Your Clothing

Seeing as how dehumidifiers remove moisture within the air, have you ever wondered if it would help you dry your wet clothing? Well, you don't have to wonder anymore because the answer is a yes! Oddly enough, after washing your clothing, just give it a quick ring out, and hang them in an enclosed space- don't forget to place your dehumidifier in there along with your clothes. Sure, it'll take a little longer in comparison to drying out your clothing in the dryer, but it's a lot more economical in terms of electricity usage. If you have the time, then why not?


4. Protecting Your Home

Much to our chagrin, high humidity levels can often compromise, or even destroy the structural integrity of your home. As time passes, moisture can start having an adverse effect on the wood within your home (such as your support beams), causing the wood to crack, warp, or even split. Don't forget the mould and metal as well- metal items and fittings may start to rust, and mould could even begin to form in the dark, damp areas of your home. 

Purchasing a dehumidifier is a quick and simple way to prevent the slow deterioration of your home, while creating a healthier and more pleasent living environment for yourself, and for your family. If you would like to find out which dehumidifier would suit you and your home the best, have a browse through our dehumidifier range here, and decide upon the best dehumidifier to suit your household needs. 



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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for general reference only. Please seek advice from professionals according to your needs.