How to Increase Humidity in your Home without a Humidifier

by Josephine Gan    

How to Increase Humidity in your Home without a Humidifier

Wondering how to increase humidity in a room without a humidifier? Good news is that it can be easily done! 

Managing the humidity in your home is important in maintaining you and your family’s health. However, humidity issues in the home sometimes go unnoticed and therefore, remain unresolved for a long time unless something drastic happens. If any or all of the following are present in your property, you may have a humidity problem.

Cracking, brittle wood, shrinking books and static electricity are all indicators of a humidity problem. If any of your family has developed dry sinuses and respiratory discomfort, you may have an issue. If the problem is serious, it’s a good idea to get a humidistat to measure the humidity level indoors so you can monitor it regularly.

Fortunately, humidity issues at home are not difficult to solve. Even without a humidifier, there are some steps you can take to protect your home and your family from the harms of excess dryness. Read on to find out how to increase humidity in a room without using a humidifier.

How to increase humidity in a room without a humidifier

Shower with the door open

Preventing the loss of humidity in your home can begin with taking hot showers with the bathroom door open. You are releasing steam into the rest of the house, combatting the dryness, keeping windows closed and exhaust fans off to maximize the benefit.

Let the steam out

Stove-top cooking is especially notorious for its production of humidity-inducing steam, so grab a pot and prepare your favorite meal.

Dry clothes indoors

Line-drying your clothes inside will encourage the moisture that evaporates from your clothes as they dry to humidify your home.

Introduce some plants indoors

Plants also produce moisture, so placing lots of leafy shrubs around your property will offer some relief to a dryness problem.

Leave some water out

Alternatively, a dish of water placed near a heat source is an effective but simple way of adding moisture to your home environment.

Whilst these fixes have the power to be quite effective, the safest and most efficient way to manage a serious dry air problem in a controlled way is with a humidifier

If your home is constantly dry and none of the tips above help in alleviating your dry eyes, throat, or skin, then the best thing to do is probably to invest in a humidifier.

Humidifiers have various modes and settings that allow you to adjust the indoor humidity level to your liking, and some even help to clean and sterilise the air while increasing humidity in the room.

Popular humidifiers like the Ionmax ION90 humidifier have built-in humidistats, timers, and manual modes to allow you to choose the exact humidity level you want your home to be in. Plus, it has the added benefit of several modes to create environments suitable for babies or those who are often sick.

Whilst some quick fixes will temporarily solve your humidity problem, a humidifier is a proven way to maintain your home’s humidity levels to best maintain the health and happiness of its precious residents.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for general reference only. Please seek advice from professionals according to your needs.

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