Benefits of a Far Infrared Heater

by Vivien Mah    

Warm cup of coffee

It’s winter time and sometimes the cold can become unbearable. Fortunately, you can now enjoy warm and cozy nights with the efficient far infrared heater.

Most of us own a regular heater. Unfortunately, we tend to experience a problem or two when using regular heaters. First, they cost us a fortune on electricity bills. Second, the room temperature tends to warm up very slowly, making it difficult to get warm especially in large rooms. Lastly, regular heaters usually dry up the air and our skin after hours of using it.

Despite these disadvantages, we still use them. Wouldn’t it better to use something far more efficient, but without these disadvantages?

Fortunately, recent technology advancements have paved the way for a more efficient type of heater - the Far Infrared Heater (FIR).

If you haven't heard about FIR heating yet, then read on! Here are three reasons why an FIR heater is better than your regular heater.


Benefits of a Far Infrared Heater

Far Infrared Heat Warms YOU Up, Not the Room

Traditional vs far infrared heating

FIR heaters such as the Ionmax Ray, warms you up and not the room. It works similarly to the way the Sun warms us up when we're outdoors. Think of winter time - even though the air is very cold, we feel warm when we're under the Sun. FIR heaters work just like the Sun, but without its harmful UV rays.

While regular heaters usually rely on molecules in the air for heat to travel, FIR heat travels cleanly through the air and is absorbed by any object it reaches, providing instant warmth to our bodies.


Ionmax ION801 Ray Far Infrared Heater

FIR Heating Saves Money

Having a far infrared heater is also more energy saving than other types of heaters due to less energy loss and better heat retention.

Water is a good conductor of heat allowing the heat to flow through and disperse. Our skin absorbs FIR heat especially well, as the human body is composed of 80% water. It helps FIR heat to be readily transported around the body, keeping us warm.

Additionally, objects retain the heat they have absorbed from FIR heating and re-radiate it back into the room. This helps to prevent heat loss through drafts, providing a more energy-efficient and economical method of heating.


A Heater that doesn't Hurt

Regular heaters heat up the room by producing warm air. This not only takes a longer time to warm up the room, but it also dries out the air by removing moisture from it.

FIR heat, on the other hand, travels directly towards objects to heat them up and doesn't affect moisture levels in the air. Without drying the air, FIR heating is faster and more comfortable.

Joey shared the huge improvement in comfort that she felt from using the Ionmax Ray Far Infrared heater:

“It warms me up gently during the night as I put it on the lowest setting with the timer on. Perfect for a medium sized room and warms up instantly even when doors are open."

Like most people, she was hesitant to try out a new product. Yet, she wanted a heater that will provide her warmth without drying her skin.

"With the Ray heater, I stopped getting nose bleeds, my skin is still radiant in the morning and doesn't get flaky," she shared.

Read more reviews of the Ionmax Ray FIR heater online.


With record breaking cold weather hitting Australia's south east this year, you can expect to rack up crazy electricity bills  this season with your regular heater. It's only wise to explore energy saving options such as the Ionmax Ray Far Infrared heater to really warm up this winter without the hefty energy bill. If you'd like to feel the difference, visit our showroom to test out the Ionmax Ray FIR heater in person.


Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for general reference only. Please seek advice from professionals according to your needs.