Wild Magazine on the ION632

by Vivien Mah    

Wild magazine on the Ionmax ION632

"Mould. Inglorious mould. If you live in a place with significant rainfall like I do in Byron Bay, then you probably have a complicated relationship with mould. You might even be out of patience and sugar soap and all the other mould-free nasty products on the market. If that sounds like you, say hello to the Ionmax Dehumidifier ION632. It’s all the things you want in a dehumidifier (and a partner): sexy, silent, energy efficient and low maintenance. The ION632 has been the top-recommended dehumidifier in a whole bunch of product reviews, including on CHOICE, since 2013. Offering powerful and fast dehumidification for large areas up to 50 square metres, this sleek machine is perfect for your home or office. Plus, it’s super simple to use. With just the flick of a switch, it will inhibit mould and bacteria growth, prevent condensation and even dry your clothes in winter."


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Vivien Mah

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