MedSense TF-01 Infrared Thermometer featured in "The Zine"

by Eugene Ng    

MedSense TF-01 Non-Contact Thermometer

Our new MedSense Infrared TF01 thermometers have been getting quite the hype recently, and have been covered in various news outlets. Below is an excerpt from one of those outlets: 

"The new ‘MedSense TF01 Infrared Thermometer’ is the latest clinically-proven, non-contact thermometer that includes advanced colour coding features and audible warnings. The thermometer is also conveniently “pocket sized”, weighing less than 70 grams, perfect for you to take on the go.

The non-invasive forehead thermometer has been approved for use in Australia as a Class Medical Device, and is perfect for families, medical professionals, workplaces and for public testing. The thermometer responds quickly when reading temperatures, allowing for practical, fast and precise readings."

If you would like to read the full article, click here

If you're interested in the product, check out the MedSense TF01 product page here

Eugene Ng

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