Ketoscan Mini - Diabetic Living | May/June 2020

by Eugene Ng    

Ketoscan pairing with the Ketoscan mobile application

As you all may know, our Ketoscan Mini Ketone Breath Tester is a simple and convenient way for you to measure your ketone levels while your body is in ketosis (the process in which your body undergoes while participating in the keto diet), but did you also know that the Ketoscan can double up as an insulin monitoring device?

If you're curious as to why, let me explain: one of the most common cause of ketones in people with diabetes is insulin deficiency, and a build up of this can lead to diabetic ketoacidosis. People who suffer from diabetes should always check their ketone levels when Blood Glucose Levels (BGLs) are high (above 13.3mmol/L), and when you're sick (even if it's something that you think is minor). Blood and urine tests are required in order to test for precise ketone levels, however our Ketoscan Mini is designed to check for your ketone levels in a very simple breath test. 

Just have a look at our product featured within a Diabetic Living article:

Ketoscan in Diabetic Living

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