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DriveSense Ranger Duo Giveaway by Sydney Unleashed

by Andatech Admin    

DriveSense Ranger Duo Giveaway by Sydney Unleashed

"For Dad’s who love their car and auto gadgets (surely that’s all Dad’s?), the perfect gift for them this Father’s Day is a DriveSense dash cam from Andatech.

Dash cams — or car dashboard cameras — are increasingly popular, not just to view and share the bizarre antics that others get up to on the roads, but more seriously, to provide insurance against road accidents where the driver isn’t at fault.

Insurance companies love getting footage from a car crash as it usually proves who was at fault and is liable for the repair costs. It not only saves the driver having to pay an excess, but is also is a big time-saver."

If you are interested in entering the competition, click on the link here to enter!

*Please note that even though this is our product, the giveaway is not being held by us- please direct all inquires towards*

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