Blackbird Military Technologies | February 2017

by Vivien Mah    

Blackbird Military Technologies | February 2017 - Andatech Distribution

The SolarCam was mentioned in the latest military news by the Blackbird Military Technologies news site.

The news discusses the launch of SolarCam - an outdoor wireless security camera boasting wifi connectivity, self-sustainable solar technology, and 100% wire-free installation.

Newly launched in February 2017, the SolarCam promises home owners and renters hassle-free installation and 24/7 live monitoring of their property via the SolarCam’s mobile app.

The SolarCam helps to boost security at home and at any property with a wifi signal. Requiring no cables or wiring, the SolarCam outdoor wireless security camera can be installed almost anywhere that receives sun.

Learn more about the Andatech SolarCam here.

Read the full article by Blackbird Military Technologies here.

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