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Aussie Product Review | 2014

by Vivien Mah    

Aussie Product Review | 2014 - Andatech Distribution

Andatech – Air Purifier

Aussie Product Review wrote a review of the Ionmax ION401 Ionic Air Purifier on their website.

The air purifier was reviewed by three users – one with a cat owner, a mum who used it in the nursery, and an elderly gentleman suffering from emphysema.

Here are some of the main points from the review:

The air purifier was used in this room for one week and by the end of the week it had collected enough dust and ‘fluff’ from the cats to warrant a cleaning of the blades. It performed exceptionally well – “I was skeptical as I thought the system wasn’t powerful as I couldn’t hear a thing” commented our first reviewer. This is one of the features of the Ionmax® Tower Ionic Air Purifier, how quiet it is – in fact you can’t hear it at all until it needs a clean and then you just hear a very fine humming.

Our second reviewer used the system in her child’s nursery for the course of one week… “I was very impressed, it made the room smell fresh and also made the room feel a more healthier environment for my baby”.

Our final reviewer was an elderly gentleman who suffers from emphysema and sleeps in a closed room to prevent any dust and allergens affecting him. He found the air purifier, especially at night, relieved his congested breathing enough to give a restful nights sleep, something he struggled with previously. Because his bedroom is continuously shut up it was also successful at removing the stale odours and dank smell. Very impressive we have to say!


Read the full review on AussieProductReview.com.au


For more information, visit the website: Ionmax ION401 Ionic Air Purifier.

Vivien Mah

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