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University of NSW (UNSW) Partners with Mobileye on Driver Behaviour Study

by Michael D'Angelo    

The UNSW Transport and Road Safety Group (TARS) is partnering with Mobileye to study Australian driving behaviours. Road safety organisations in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia are also participating in the study, with around 400 vehicles around Australia to be fitted with the Mobileye units to form “Australia’s first large-scale naturalistic driving study“.d

“We are proud to participate in a study that puts driver safety at the top of the agenda of Australia’s policy makers,” said Michael Hirsh from Mobileye.

“Mobileye’s core goal is to help drivers limit accidents and improve road safety,” said Mr Hirsh.

Mobileye offers key road and driver safety features and is invaluable to driver safety and road safety. Perfected after years of heavy research and development, Mobileye’s driver awareness technology has been adopted as a standard safety feature by leading automotive manufacturers including Volvo, BMW and General Motors.

The Mobileye system addresses one of the primary causes of vehicle accidents – driver inattention. Consisting of an intelligent camera system that utilises vehicle, lane and pedestrian detection technologies, the Mobileye measures the distance to other vehicles, lane markings and pedestrians. It provides drivers with important and often life-saving visual and audio alerts to help them avoid a collision before it happens. By providing real-time feedback to the driver, the Mobileye continually reinforces good driving behaviour and helps reduce the risk of collision.

Mobileye is the only comprehensive driver awareness system available for aftermarket installation in Australia and is suitable for cars, vans, buses, trucks and fleet vehicles.

Find out more about the Mobileye or contact us to learn more.

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Michael D'Angelo

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