Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Impress Your Boss

by Vivien Mah    

Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Impress Your Boss - Andatech Distribution

giftguide-bossThoughtful Gift Ideas? If your boss has a birthday soon, it may become a stressful period for you. Shopping for your boss can be a hard task. As expected, you want to look for something that he/she is into and will make him/her appreciate having you there.

It doesn’t have to be something that will rob you of money, but you can’t buy a one-dollar gift and call it quits either. So, if you want your boss to be happy, here are some good gift ideas to help you through.

  • AlcoSense Elite 3 | $219.00 on

Is your boss a party animal? If he likes enjoying some alcohol from time to time, then you should consider this breathalyzer as a gift. This way, he’ll know when it’s time to stop or take a taxi instead of driving. You have to ensure their safety, right? Besides, you won’t offer a boring gift either, and your boss will appreciate your sense of humor.

  • Hummer H2 | $219.00 on

If you have a boss who doesn’t like staying in one place, then a power bank may be a great gift. The Hummer H2 power bank can help them charge their phone if their battery dies. This way, they won’t miss any important calls and will remind your boss thoughtful gift.

  • LifeSpring Juicer | $319.00 on

Natural juice should become a necessity. It should replace Coke and every other toxic drink. So, do you want your boss to be healthy? Then this cold press juicer is an amazing gift. Not only that it makes them healthier, but it also offers them some delicious juices to enjoy.

  • Ionmax Serene ION138 + Art Of Scent Essential Oils Bundle | $149.00 on

Is your boss a lady? Then why not spoil her with this thoughtful gift aroma diffuser? She will love this, and it would make a great Christmas gift. Give her the chance to relax while inhaling mandarin or lavender aromas.

Happy father and son enjoying themselves
Happy father and son enjoying themselves
  • Samsung Gear IconX 2018 | $249 on

Music gives people power and lifts them when they’re down. And because you care for your boss, you want him to be relaxed. Let him enjoy his favorite music while doing all that complicated stuff.

  • Professional Hair Dryer 2200w with 3 Head & 2 Speed settings | A$24.90 on

If you have a lady boss with a beautiful long hair, this gift would be amazing. Give her the chance to care for her hair and she’ll appreciate it.

  • Canon PowerShot SX430IS Digital Camera | $284 on

Are you all celebrating a work anniversary soon? Then gift your boss a camera, to show him you care about him and his memories. This way, your boss can also take a lot of fun pictures at the celebration.

  • Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Kane | $229 on

Do you like it when your boss scolds you for being late? Well, no one likes it. However, a boss has to do his thing. So, this watch lets them look over you, and it has a nice aspect as well.

  • Droian Ergonomic Computer Workstation | $5,800.00 on

Your boss will forever love you for this thoughtful gift . You can talk to your co-workers and give your boss the chance to work while being relaxed. And, who knows, maybe he will share this amazing gift with you as well. Everyone would like to use it for sure.

So, keep in mind that your boss loves being spoiled as well. For that reason, it’s better to think very well about the gift you’re going to buy and not just get any random item.



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