New DriveSense dash cam is on the money!

by Eugene Ng    

DriveSense Spotter

Andatech has introduced a new dash cam in the DriveSense range that boasts high end specs yet has an entry-level price.

The features of the DriveSense Spotter Dash Cam are really impressive, delivering similar offerings to dash cams that are twice the Spotter’s price tag of just $150.


This includes:

* A built-in Sony G-sensor that automatically locks the video when an accident occurs. Sensitivity can be set to low, medium, high or switched off completely.

* A 170-degree wide angle lens that covers up to five lanes of traffic.

* A large f/2.0 aperture that provides vivid recordings under low light conditions and clear images even at night.

* A 4x digital zoom to check details of licence plates, road signs and street names, without losing any vital details.


With automatic recording of footage during any type of collision, drivers can feel secure that video evidence of the incident will be preserved, no matter how chaotic the event.

Installing the Spotter is extremely easy. The dash cam holder comes with a 3M sticker so it’s a simple ‘peel and stick’ action, placing it in the desired location on the windscreen for a secure application. A long power cable can then be tucked under lining around the windscreen and fitted under the carpet and plugged into the cigarette lighter socket.

The Spotter can also be charged by a power adapter or to a computer using the USB cable supplied.


Auto on/off and save

When the car is started, the Spotter will start working and when the engine stops the Spotter will turn off. However, this can be modified by enabling or disabling motion detection.

With motion detection enabled, the Spotter Dash Cam will only start recording when motion is detected. This means that while the dash cam may power on when the car ignition is started, it won't start recording if the car isn't moving. This saves recording memory if the car is in a parked position after starting the engine.

Before shutting itself off, it will automatically save the last recording and prompt the driver before shutting down.


Parking monitor — auto surveillance

A feature of the Spotter Dash Cam is the parking monitoring mode. If a car has to be left in a location that seems unsafe, with this special mode enabled during set-up, the Spotter will detect any abnormal vibration, such as the car being hit while parked, and will automatically switch on and start recording for up to 20 seconds, which provides a chance to catch vandals and would-be thieves.


MicroSD card

Video footage taken from the Spotter is saved on to a microSD card that can easily be removed from the unit and the MP4 files then downloaded, viewed and deleted easily from either a PC or MAC.

Any video that has been saved, either automatically as a result of an accident or manually, means it is locked on the memory card and protected as an undeletable file. Once the memory is full, the dash cam will start writing over older files seamlessly (excluding locked files).

The device, with its 40mm LCD colour screen and user-friendly interface with seven buttons for navigation, also allows users to view and play back videos and photos, and manually lock important files from deletion.

The DriveSense Spotter Dash Cam is available from Andatech for $149 and comes with a one-year warranty.


*We're currently running a competition for one lucky winner to take home a Spotter DashCam for free! The competition will be running within the first half of March 2020- just plug in your name, email details, and answer one simple question to enter. Admission into the competition is free as well (contest ends March 31st).

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