New aroma diffuser and air purifier joins the Ionmax range

by Vivien Mah    

Ionmax ION420 Air Purifier and ION138 Aroma Diffuser

We’re proud to announce that we have a new ultrasonic aroma diffuser and air purifier in the Ionmax range!

The Ionmax Breeze ION420 Air Purifier and the Ionmax Serene ION138 Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser combine the best aspects of our previous products, with what customers have told us they wanted in terms of functionality and design, while maintaining an attractive price point.

Both products are scheduled to be launched in September 2015 and are available for pre-orders now.

We’ve made several improvements and added some new features, and are already seeing a lot of interest in them from our customers.

Ionmax ION420 Air Purifier

The Ionmax Breeze ION420 Air Purifier is a comprehensive air purification system comprised of 5 levels of filtration to achieve maximum efficiency. Combined with a superior and lightweight design that matches any décor, the purpose built filtration system targets 99% of particles, bacteria and mould spores, while neutralising unpleasant and toxic odours, making it one of the most compact and powerful air filtration systems available.


Ionmax ION138 Aroma Diffuser

The Ionmax Serene ION138 Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser features advanced ultrasonic technology, which when accompanied by a few drops of your favourite essential oil, creates a calming and therapeutic atmosphere for your home and family. Featuring a clock, timer, built-in ioniser and colour-changing LED lights inside a compact and convenient design, the ION138 is the perfect addition to any home.


With air pollution and allergy rates becoming a rising issue in Australia and around the world, maintaining healthy air indoors is more important than ever. Both the ION420 and ION138 are great for apartments and homes thanks to their compact and lightweight design that make them easy to fit into any room.


Both products are available now for pre-order online at

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