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by Vivien Mah    

Juice Pulp Recipes – Tomato Salsa - Andatech Distribution

Juice pulp can be used and kept for a variety of recipes and uses, as you can see from our previous post on juicer pulp recipes and ideas. Below is another great idea for a recipe you can create with your Juicepresso while not wasting its pulp!

Tomato Salsa is perfect for all types of courses, from appetisers to breakfast, to lunch and dinner!

The best part is that it’s incredibly easy to make and is high in vitamin C and Lycopenes. Tomatoes are rich in lycopenes that play a role in preventing various types of cancer.

Fresh tomato salsa is also low in calories and fat and has no added sugar. Plus, it’s high in vitamin A, B6, C and a good source of iron, magnesium and potassium that help maintain normal blood pressure.

The green and red bell peppers in the salsa are also rich in capsaicin, which help relieve indigestion and stomach pain. Add some jalapeno to your salsa to turn up the heat!

*We recommend using organic ingredients to ensure that your tomato salsa is as healthy and pesticide-free as possible.

Scroll down for serving suggestions – you’ll be surprised just how many ways you can serve a simple tomato salsa!

What you’ll need:

  • 2 tomatoes (about 300g)
  • half a lemon (about 60g)
  • 30g green bell pepper (makes 10g green bell pepper pulp)
  • 30g red bell pepper (makes 10g red bell pepper pulp)
  • 50g red onion
  • 10g garlic
  • 10g cilantro
  • a pinch of salt and pepper (chuck out the salt if you want to keep it low in sodium).


  1. Cut tomatoes into quarters or 8 pieces and juice using your Juicepresso or cold press juicer. Keep  both the pulp and the juice.
  2. Peel the lemon and cut into 6 pieces. Juice using your Juicepresso and keep just the juice.
  3. Cut the green and red bell peppers into 8 pieces lengthwise. Juice using your juicer and keep only the pulp.
  4. Chop the onion, garlic and cilantro into small pieces.
  5. Mix together the tomato pulp, green and red bell pepper pulp, lemon juice, onion, garlic and cilantro and season with salt and pepper.
  6. If you want it spicy, add some chopped chillies into the mix.

 Recipe from juicepresso.com

Serving Suggestions:

As an appetiser for a snack or for a party, serve tomato salsa with corn chips, toasted bread, or Nachos with a side of homemade guacamole! For a healthier option, you can also use it as a dip for eating with chopped carrots and celeries.

For breakfast, serve it with an omelette or scrambled eggs.Try out recipes for a breakfast burrito, corn fritters with salsa, or serve it simply with eggs, bacon, toast and avocado. Yum!

Lunch and dinner, serve tomato salsa with fish, grilled chicken, steak or prawns! Tomato salsa really goes with anything and everything. If you’re vegetarian, you can have tomato salsa salad with white beans or mangoes or pasta.

Mex it up! Add chopped chillis into your salsa to spice it up Mexican style. Use tomato salsa in Mexican recipes for chicken fajitas, quesedillas, tacos, burritos, tostadas, or black beans.


We’d love to hear from you! If you have your own suggestions or recipe ideas, tell us in the comments box below.

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