Interview with Michael Hirsh from Mobileye

by Vivien Mah    

Interview with Michael Hirsh from Mobileye - Andatech Distribution

Two weeks ago we had a visit from Michael Hirsh from Mobileye, the man with the vision to expand Mobileye’s reach to further parts of the world. Let’s just say, we’re glad he had that vision as Mobileye is one of the most exciting products to hit Andatech.

Michael is extremely friendly and down-to-earth, and was more than happy to reveal a little bit more about himself.

We found out that Michael first got involved with Mobileye when he purchased one for his Suzuki Carry. He was so largely impressed by the performance that he believed that every driver should have the opportunity to purchase one. The only hurdle was that there were still countries in which Mobileye was not available, so Michael gave the Mobileye headquarters a call and explained why he and his vision were needed.

In a country like Israel where the latest technologies exist amongst the world’s oldest history, Michael loves being surrounded by so many technology-focused entrepreneurs. Spending a big portion of his life in Israel has made Michael an extremely driven person, and having so many like-minded people in his social circles meant that he had some great friends.

When chatting to Michael, I just had to ask him – What is it like to work in Jerusalem? Michael wasn’t sure if it was a trick question, but the truth is that it is similar to working for a big business in Australia. Mobileye is a well-established company, having been involved with many major car manufacturers for a number of years.

It was great meeting Michael two weeks back and we look forward to his next visit. We just hope that Michael gets a chance to have some rest and relaxation soon, but we are not sure that will happen until more people around the world have heard of Mobileye.

Vivien Mah

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