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Infographic of the Week: The Danger of Being a Pedestrian

by Eugene Ng    

Infographic of the Week: The Danger of Being a Pedestrian

We focus a lot on driver safety, but we seldom think about pedestrian safety even though pedestrians are just as prone to accidents as drivers and vehicle passengers. This infographic highlights some dangers that pedestrians face and how to stay safe.


Pedestrians are 1.5 times more likely than occupants of a passenger vehicle to be killed in a crash

In Australia, an average of 12% of fatalities from road accidents involve pedestrians each year but in 2011, this figure rose to 15%. The most number of fatal crashes were in roads with speed limits of 100-110km/h (Source: RDA 2011).

Even though most fatalities involve other road users (drivers, passengers and cyclists), crashes involving pedestrians have been a rising issue in Australia due to increasingly distracted pedestrians and distracted drivers.

This is why Advanced Driver Awareness Systems like the Mobileye are becoming more sought after by car manufacturers such as Ford, GM and Holden, who are already integrating Mobileye technology into their new cars.

The Mobileye system’s Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW) can detect pedestrians as well as cyclists and help the driver to avoid a potential collision. It also features Forward Collision Warning (FCW), which alerts the driver up to 2.7 seconds before an imminent collision with the vehicle or motorcycle ahead.

We must remember that road safety involves all road users and not just the drivers. Pedestrians should always be aware and alert of their surroundings. Check out the infographic below for further statistics and tips on pedestrian safety.

The Danger of Being a Pedestrian

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Eugene Ng

With a background in sociology, Eugene developed an interest in how various factors influence society and development. His informative blog posts focus on drink driving, air quality, car safety and new technologies.

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