Infographic of the Week: Fruits, Vegetables and Pesticides

by Vivien Mah    

Fruits, vegetables, and pesticide

We eat fruits and vegetables regularly to maintain a healthy diet, but we might also be unknowingly ingesting pesticides from them. A single apple, for example, may contain up to 97.8% of pesticides even after being rinsed and peeled! And your favourite sweet fruit, strawberries, may contain up to 13 different pesticides even after being washed.

So what else do we end up unknowingly consuming when we eat fresh fruit and vegetables? Find out from the infographic below.

Farmers often use pesticides and chemicals to protect their plants from spoilage and insects. These pesticides and chemicals seep into plants and become embedded within their fibres, becoming more resistant over time and remaining in them when you consume them.

Eating and juicing organic produce can help to eliminate the harmful effects of pesticides because they are grown without the use of chemicals, but what if organic produce is not easily available to you?

Juicing regular fresh produce can still be beneficial, depending on the type of  juicer that you use.

Gear juicers can help to reduce much of the toxicity in your juice as their mechanism helps to separate pesticides from juice. Twin gear juicers such as the Green Power Juicer can efficiently separate pesticides from produce, thanks to its method of extraction.

Green Power Juicer

The Green Power Juicer extracts juice by mashing, crushing and grinding, helping it to extract pure, fresh juice while releasing the deep-seated nutrients and enzymes found in produce. At the same time, the Green Power Juicer leaves the embedded pesticides chemicals untouched as they are intertwined with the fiber. This fiber is expelled together with the pulp, leaving you with purer, uncontaminated juice.

Centrifugal juicers, on the other hand, use blades to cut produce up into tiny pieces and spin out the juice. By chopping up the produce, the blades cut up the fibers, releasing chemicals and pesticides into the juice that you drink.

Is your juicer helping you to reduce pesticides from fruits and vegetables?

Vivien Mah

Vivien is a Marketing specialist with over 7 years of experience in the health and safety industry. After graduating in psychology and communications, she grew to love educating readers and unraveling complexities behind difficult topics through extensive research. Apart from sharing her love for infographics, she also posts regularly on new products, announcements, media mentions and the latest news.

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