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[Infographic] Ketone Testing

by Eugene Ng    

[Infographic] Ketone Testing

As many of you already know, there are a few ways to test your ketone levels while you're on the keto diet. What some of you may not know is the accuracy involved, and the pros and the cons in regards to using those specific devices.

Although it's something of a debate, there are still many reasons for you to engage in the keto diet- the foremost point being quick weight loss without having the need for constant exercise.  

This handy inforgraphic will show the multiple ways in which you can test your ketone levels (chemicals created by your liver- essentially how you know that your keto diet is working or not working). 

This nifty little infographic below should help you out when deciding which way of testing will be right for you!

Eugene Ng

With a background in sociology, Eugene developed an interest in how various factors influence society and development. His informative blog posts focus on drink driving, air quality, car safety and new technologies.

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