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How to eliminate heating bill shock

by Vivien Mah    

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 Even though Spring is on our doorstep, it is still pretty chilly in the southern parts of Australia so here’s a tip to reduce your heating costs.

If you want to eliminate bill shock next time your electricity bill arrives, it would be worthwhile using a far infrared heater, which can cut heating operating costs by two-thirds*.

Heaters that use Far Infrared (FIR) thermal waves as the heat source cost a fraction of the price to run conventional heating and you can enjoy a healthier warmth.

Infrared ray heaters emit a very high ratio of heat as radiant heat, which heats objects directly, like the sun, rather than warming the air. This means that anyone in the heater’s direction is warm as soon as the heater is turned on.

Andatech’s Ionmax Ray Heater is extremely economical to operate, being almost half the cost of reverse cycle air conditioners and almost one third of the operating cost of space heaters.

Data from one energy company shows households are using 16 per cent more electricity during the coronavirus pandemic than at the same time last year.

So if you or your family are working from home and have experienced skyrocketing heating bills through increased usage, there is a way to bring the cost down but still keep cosy and warm.

Jaka Exstrada, product specialist at Andatech, said that when working at a table or desk in one room or part of a room, it’s the people who need to keep warm, not the whole air mass, which is where the Ionmax Ray Heater works best.

“In addition, because it’s a portable heater, the Ionmax Ray Heater is ideal for people who rent as it can move homes with the occupants.”

The many problems associated with traditional heaters are eliminated with an Ionmax Ray heater. For example:

  •         Humidity levels are maintained because the FIR radiation doesn’t dry out the room’s atmosphere, providing a healthier and more comfortable environment.
  •         Dust and pollen that cause allergies aren’t blown around rooms because the heat is delivered more efficiently.
  •         Heating a large room with high ceilings or drafts can take an age whereas the Ionmax Ray delivers heat instantly, even at a distance and without any glare.


Patented design 

Allowing heat to be delivered where it’s wanted, the Ionmax Ray has a patented design relating to a versatile tilt mechanism, which allows a balanced and smooth 10 degree downward and 30-degree upward movement. It also has an auto swing of 70 degrees and manual rotation of 60 degrees.

Extensive safety features are in-built including a child lock, overheat cut-off, tilt-off protection and 10-hour auto switch off. 

The heater’s easy-to-use control panel allows users to set the timer at one hour increments up to nine hours and determine the level of comfortable heat desired with nine heat settings from 200W to 1200W. 

Andatech’s Ionmax Ray heater is suitable for the home, study, office, shed or garage and has whisper quiet operation. The bedroom is a perfect location as it doesn’t dry out the air, leaving occupants with a much more refreshing sleep. 

Priced at $489, it comes with a one-year warranty that can be extended for a further two years.

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Vivien Mah

Vivien is a Marketing specialist with over 7 years of experience in the health and safety industry. After graduating in psychology and communications, she grew to love educating readers and unraveling complexities behind difficult topics through extensive research. Apart from sharing her love for infographics, she also posts regularly on new products, announcements, media mentions and the latest news.

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