Hay Fever Sufferers – Purify Your Air!

by Tony MaVuu    

Hay Fever Sufferers – Purify Your Air! - Andatech Distribution

The benefits of ionizing air purifiers have been tested and proven time and time again.

In the height of Hay Fever season, we need to start looking at the spaces we inhabit and how they affect our health.

Different areas of Australia suffer from Hay Fever at varying levels, proving the role of atmosphere and setting have a great deal to do with how severely you suffer.

Pollen levels have also been reported as rising, and Climate Change could further the issue. If your car, bedroom or office is filled with stagnant air and accumulative levels of dust, you may be worsening your case.

Air Purifiers trap pollens, allergens and dust particles to prevent them floating around the room.

The larger the capacity of the air purifier and the more air it pushes through the faster you will feel relief. Placing your air purifier between yourself and an open window can help reduce exposure to pollen spores.

Many sprays and tablets are still only labelled as "preventative" so opting for the non-medical approach is likely to have similar effects.

Why pump yourself full of drugs when there's a natural option, which will also help the health of your home or office space?

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Tony MaVuu

With a background in Biomedical Science (majoring in Physiology and Microbiological Studies), Tony has brought unprecedented insight into subjects such as health and substance use. Having worked in the medical industry before that focuses on analytical medicine, Tony has vast knowledge about the effects that alcohol and air quality can have on our well-being.

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