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Emperor 1510 Workstation Review

by Vivien Mah    

Emperor 1510 Workstation Review

*Note that this product has been discontinued


Last week I was fortunate enough to get to test out the awesome new Emperor 1510 Workstation and its features. I was really impressed just looking at it, so to have had the opportunity to actually work in it was mind-blowing.

With its signature Emperor scorpion shape and outline, the Emperor Chair looks like a workstation designed for a king and I definitely felt like royalty just sitting in it.

I spent an enjoyable day sitting in the chair and I especially enjoyed the reclining back section and the leg rest (I felt like a boss).  Using the control buttons, the large chair reclined smoothly and with ease. The Emperor Chair will tilt backwards up to 15 degrees, and the seat itself will recline to a total of 25 degrees.

The frame is made up of Canadian steel and has integrated LED lighting and an adjustable keyboard tray. Control functions for the monitor, seat, LED lights and sound system are just at the tips of my finger on the left arm rest along with a handy cup holder. The Emperor Chair comes integrated with three HDMI ports and four USB ports beneath the arm rest. It is really user-friendly, with control functions at the tip of your fingers – just plug-in and play.

The Emperor Workstation can cater up to three screens from 19-inch to 27-inch in various configurations. The Emperor Chair here had three 24″ screens set up horizontally and it was pretty cool.

I personally love to use multiple screens because I always multi-task. I usually have a huge amount of programs open and always struggle to cram all of them into one screen. Being able to space out all my work with the Emperor Workstation was a huge bonus.

I was having a blast editing music, watching videos, and reading articles all at once. Another cool feature was the Emperor Chair’s flexibility and compatibility – being able to customise the monitor layout as well as being able to connect iPods, gaming consoles (we had a PS3 hooked up to it previously), laptops, desktops and more.

I tested out the inbuilt BOSE® 2.1 sound system by watching some videos on YouTube and editing some music. I must say that the workstation really has a brilliant audio system that gives you amazing sound quality – it makes you feel as though you are in a cinema. The sound control was very responsive as well, making it exceptionally easy to mute, un-mute and change the volume.

The BOSE 2.1 sound system features a bass speaker positioned underneath the seat, two speakers on either side of the Emperor Chair, and built-in controls. The built-in controls feature single-touch mute and a connection for a second audio source that’s within easy reach. For all the features that you get with this workstation, it is well worth the price tag.

I would definitely recommend the Emperor chair to any office business, gamer or programmer – anyone who want to increase their productivity and work or play in total comfort. The Emperor Chair’s flexibility and total immersive experience make it the perfect gaming chair.

Overall, the Emperor Chair is impressive in both functions and looks, and definitely brings a smile to my face as I’m sure it would to anyone else.


The Emperor Chair comes pre-assembled at a cost of $7,500 excluding shipping costs.


Jessie is our work experience intern at Andatech. He does a number of cool things outside of his normal routine at school and at home, including editing music, programming websites, blogging, vlogging, and designing graphics.





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Vivien Mah

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