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Best Father’s Day Presents For Dads Who Love Road Trips

by Vivien Mah    

Best Father’s Day Presents For Dads Who Love Road Trips

Want some useful Father’s Day presents for the Dad who loves nothing more than setting out on a drive, packing up the car for an adventure out on the open road? Check out our Father’s Day gift ideas below – these gifts are as practical as they are thoughtful.

AlcoSense Elite 3 Personal Breathalyser

Buy a personal breathalyser for Dad so that he can enjoy his favourite cold beer and still make sure he's not over the limit when he hits the road the next day. Get a simple breathalyser for old-school dads, or the latest devices such as the Elite 3 Bluetooth breathalyser that connects to a smartphone app for historical tracking - perfect for savvy dads who love the latest technology.

Hummer power bank jump starter

A Hummer jump starter power bank is a must-have for every road-tripper. Powerful enough to start a 70L vehicle up to 20 times in one charge, this amazing gadget will also charge your phone. For the Dad who likes getting lost in the bush, the military-grade Hummer power bank could be a lifesaver.

To keep your Dad’s eyes on the road, the Car Head-Up Display receives driving information, including your speed, via GPS and projects it onto the wind shield, to eliminate those seconds spent looking down rather that up ahead. With a built in speed alarm, your Dad will never break the limit again.

With the Komodo Roof Top Cargo Bag, your Dad can pack everything, including the kitchen sink, on his next road trip. Adding 420L of storage to his vehicle, he won’t need to worry about bringing that extra case of beers or that awesome new gadget.


DriveSense Dash Cam

With a DriveSense car dash cam, Dad can drive long distances and be assured that everything's recorded should an incident arise. With advanced features such as Parking Mode, G-Sensor and built-in GPS, the DriveSense dash cams offer an excellent sense of security for frequent drivers. The DriveSense Ranger Duo dash cam is the perfect full surveillance car dashboard camera with front and rear camera recording. Check out the range of dash cams online.


Show Dad he's your superhero with a Marvel air purifier as a Father's Day present! It's the perfect gift especially for Dads who are Marvel fans. These genuine licensed Marvel air purifiers have cordless models that can be used inside the car to purify the air from pollutants, allergens and odours! Choose Iron Man or Captain America to keep Dad company on long road trips and combat air pollutants. 

To keep your road-tripping Dad safe and comfortable on the road, spoil him with one of these awesome Father’s Day Presents.

Have more ideas for Father’s Day presents for dads who love road trips? Tell us in the comments below!

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