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AlcoSense Elite 3 Bluetooth Giveaway!

by Andatech Admin    

AlcoSense Elite 3 Bluetooth Giveaway!

Hi all, I'm sure you're very excited to see what we have in store for you this time! 

Well, seeing as our August Newsletter falls shortly before Father's Day, we planned on giving you a special treat: a chance to win our newly released AlcoSense Elite 3 Bluetooth breathalyser!

This device is able to connect to the iSober application (available on both iOS and Android), this nifty little device helps you keep track of you and/or your loved ones drinking habits, as well as keeping a record- allowing you to be able to monitor your alcohol intake and frequency. 

 *Please note that this contest will be held from the 17th of August until the 13th of September


Elite 3 BT Father's Day Giveaway

Andatech Admin

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