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ABC News | June 2018

Victoria Police officers faked more than 250,000 roadside breath tests An internal audit has revealed that Victoria Police officers faked more than 250,000 roadside breath tests. The phony tests were an apparent attempt by officers to meet quotas. The police are already paying the price, with the state's Transport Accident Commission suspending $4 million in road safety funding. In the video snippet below, Andatech's Thi Siva demonstrates how police could have faked the breath test results. Thi uses a similar law enforcement grade breathalyser, the Andatech Prodigy S (not the model used by VIC Police) to demonstrate taking breath tests consecutively one after the other, explaining how the time stamps on each test can indicate that tests are being taken too...

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Business Business Business | September 2017

HOW TO VALIDATE YOUR BUSINESS AND HOW VALIDATION LEADS TO SUCCESSPosted by Irwandy Tan | Business Growth, Learn Magazine, Sales | When Andatech first started in 2003, I started with one product to sell. I knew that I needed to understand the public, whether they would buy this product and of course the most important part is for how much. It is easy to assume that a feedback from one person represents many, but I knew that if I needed a product, it does not usually mean my wife would need that product. This is usually what we call market research in this day and age, but my inexperience self 13 years ago just used common sense. TRIAL AND ERRORFailure...

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